Personal Training

Live in the Boston area and want me to teach you how to lift weights and make more muscles in less time? Working in the comfort of your home, I will bring the gym to you. Eliminating the barriers of time and commuting, I offer a fully - customized health and fitness program to meet your goals. Whether you’re looking for fat loss, building muscle, creating and sustaining motivation, or just seeking overall fitness and wellness, we will work together to design a program specifically to meet your needs!

Have a buddy and who is ready to join on in this journey with you? I also offer small group/partner training!



Customized Workout Programs

Want to know what to do on the off days that we don’t train together? Want a program to follow for a month so you can see results as you work towards your goals?  After our initial consult to learn more about your goals and lifestyle, I will write a customized four week training program for you. We will check in at the end of the month to see how things went, and where you want to progress from here.

What’s included?

  • Initial 30 min consult to talk about your training goals
  • Weekly workout programs to compliment our in-person training sessions, delivered straight to your inbox

Distance/Online Personal Training

Want the accountability and guidance of a personal trainer, but at a fraction of the cost?  Want to be able to hop on your computer or smart phone and have someone tell you exactly what your workout is for today? Or maybe you just really like me and want me to teach you cool kettlebell stuff but you live thousands of miles away?  I get it.  And I want that for you, too.  So let’s get on the phone, talk about your goals, and plan a program together.  We can check in once per week to see how you’re progressing, what you’re questions are, and how I can help.  You’ll send me videos and I can help give cues and tips to tighten up your form and level up your lifts to reach your goals.

What’s included?

  • Initial 30 min consult to talk about your training goals

  • Weekly workout programs, delivered straight to your inbox

  • Weekly check-ins to review progress, give guidance for following week, and go over form/technique questions

  • Reminder motivation emails from me to help keep you accountable

Nutrition Coaching

You want to eat healthier, but are overwhelmed with all of the “rules” and aren’t sure where to begin.  You’re busy with everything else in life and just want to find that sweet spot to get your healthy eating on autopilot.  You want a balanced meal plan to support your goals to feel better.  You want to feel comfortable and in control around food.   You want to find that happy middle ground where you ENJOY your food, without the stress, without the fuss. You want someone to just TELL YOU what to eat, and take out the extra work of researching and writing the meal plan & grocery list.  Sound like you?  I’m here to help.


Four weeks of meal plans and accompanying shopping lists sent to you by email. Vegetarian menu available upon request. These plans are perfect for jump-starting your journey towards healthier eating.

Essentials Plus +                                                

All of the above, plus a weekly check-in for support and troubleshooting. Have an upcoming party that you aren’t sure how to navigate the sweets table?  Let’s talk.  Getting pressure from a partner, friend, or co-worker about your eating habits? I’ve got some tips.


Customized weekly meal plans, menus and shopping lists tailored for YOU. Each week we will check in: What did you like about last week’s meal plan? What didn’t you like? What food will you have leftover that we can incorporate into next week (cause food waste is wack, y’all!). What flavor profiles are you craving next week? What kind of struggles did you run into? Donuts in the copy room? Pizza party for your friend’s birthday? Feeling stress or anxiety around food?  I’m here to give you the tools you can use to find that sweet spot of comfort and ease with your eating.  I’ve been there. Done that.  I know what it’s like and I’m here to help. Each week you will receive weekly, customized meal plans based on your feedback and have a check-in call with me. In addition, I will be available to you by email throughout the week for questions, troubleshooting, accountability and support.

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